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Book Apps for Older Kids

Book Apps for Older Kids

Looking for exciting book apps for your older reader? This rec list is full of great digital reading for kids ages 7-14.

There are tons of exciting book apps for pre-readers and early readers. But finding book apps for the older reader is more of a challenge -- until now. Each of the book apps on this recommended list will tickle the fancy of kids looking for a reading experience with substance and digital intrigue.

The book apps on this list cover the gamut from non-fiction (such as Bobo Explores Light) to allegory (Unwanted Guest) to fantasy (don't miss Weirdwood Manor -- it is mesmerizing!) to graphic novels (The Middle School Confidential series). And each enhances the reading experience by adding technology features that can include exciting animations, videos, puzzles, experiments, word definitions, and more.
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Wuwu & Co. - A magical picture book

2.99 - 5.99

Using interactive virtual reality, kids jump into a forest to experience 5 different stories.

Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night


Fluttery wings, dark nights, and lots of fascinating facts fill this highly recommended science book app.

The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants


Kids learn about ants by reading this beautifully presented book app, which has a nifty slider on each page to adjust the reading difficulty.

Bobo Explores Light


Little robot Bobo teaches kids all about light as they play within the book app's hands-on science museum.

The Unwanted Guest


A stunning folktale about how poverty sneaks into people's lives.

Fox Tales


An epic storybook app about two brave foxes who save their island.

Weirdwood Manor


Captivating fantasy read filled with movie-like animation and interactive puzzles.

Loose Strands

4.39 - 4.99

Exciting choose-your-own-adventure format enhances complex story about the role of decisions in our lives.

Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind


Second in a series of graphic novels for kids, this book app explores friendships and some of the issues that can come up, including eating disorders, disputes, being used, and other important topics.

Middle School Confidential 3: What's Up with My Family?


This graphic novel explores family issues in a manner that's meaningful.

March of the Dinosaurs


Meet Scar, an Edmontosaurus, and Patch, a juvenile Troodon, in a 65-page book app that tells the story of their survival over the first year of their lives.