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Best Simulation Game Apps for Kids

Best Simulation Game Apps for Kids

Simulation games are a great way to let kids learn about the world.

Simulation games (known as "sims") mimic some aspect of real life but turn the play experience into a game. Most put kids in charge, so they control how and when they learn. And most times, the learning comes from trial-and-error. What makes a sim game fun is that there is no "right way" to play it. Kids get to test theories and learn from their failures.

We have arranged the sim apps on this list by age appropriateness starting with those for the youngest gamer on the top. Kids can become truck drivers, build cities, create gardens and forests, and play in towns, cities, schools, farms, hospitals, stables, and more.
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Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers


Grab your hard hat and become the boss of a construction site!

Little Kitten - My Favorite Cat


This adorable kitten simulation purrs with charm.

Little Builders - Truck, Crane & Digger for Kids


Calling all truck-loving kids! This app lets your toddler or young preschooler loose in a construction site full of trucks to drive, houses to paint, and brick walls to build.

Little Farmers - Tractors, Harvesters & Farm Animals for Kids


Spend a day on the farm driving machinery, raising crops, and taking care of animals.

Toca Life: Town


This funky digital town is waiting your child's exploration. Kids create their own games with its inhabitants, visit six locations, and discover hidden treasures nestled in unlikely places.

Toca Life: City


Kids become urban explorers, joining cool characters from their favorite Toca apps to discover diverse delights in the big city.

My PlayHome School


Kids rule this school as they fill the classrooms with diverse characters, seek out interactive surprises, and use their imaginations to tell stories.

My PlayHome Hospital


Kids play doctor in an interactive digital hospital playset.

Cars in sandbox: Construction

0.99 - 2.99

A giant sandbox full of construction vehicles are waiting for your truck enthusiast.

Toca Life: School


Now on Android! From food fights to science experiments, this app lets kids explore a virtual school!

Toca Life: Stable


Giddy-up for a horse-filled adventure that goes from stables to horse shows and campsites to cafes.

Dr. Panda Firefighters


Drive a fire engine, douse a fire with the hose, and help your fellow firefighters in this fun simulation game.

Toca Life: Farm


Grow crops, raise animals, drive a tractor, and more in this virtual farm app!

Hoopa City 2


Become an urban planner and city builder in this combination sim and puzzle app!

Toca Nature


The land is your canvas and the trees your paint in this fascinating nature simulation where kids create a wilderness in which to explore, watch, and interact.

Grandpa's Toy Shop


Run your own toy store, filled with toys you have created.

Montessori Nature


Plant seeds and nurture their growth to build a gardening business.



In this fun simulation game, kids open their own dinosaur zoo and operate it to earn money.

Motion Math: Pizza!


Calling all pizza lovers! From tossing pizzas, to setting prices, to serving customers -- players do it all in this excellent math simulation.