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Engaging Engineering Apps for Kids

Engaging Engineering Apps for Kids

Kids learn best with hands-on experiences, such as the ones found in these top engineering apps.

From Rube Goldberg device design to building with sentient gobs of goo, these apps put kids in charge of inventing devices or solutions to engineering problems. For teachers looking for STEM apps, check these out.
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Thinkrolls 2

2.99 - 3.99

Kids roll 32 round, spunky characters through vertical mazes as they explore logical thinking and science.

Pettson's Inventions Deluxe

2.69 - 3.99

Rube Goldberg-like puzzles where kids drag gadgets and parts into a play space to create wacky inventions, including one that showers a bird.

Pettson's Inventions 2

1.99 - 2.99

Engineering becomes fun with this zany, hands-on building kit in which players build Rube Goldberg-like machines.



Kids tinker with everyday objects to create Rube Goldberg-like machines in this series of puzzles.

Crazy Gears


Puzzle fun, where kids 'gear up' to learn engineering principles.

Odd Bot Out


Kids explore engineering principles by helping an adorable robot escape a recycling bin filled with intriguing contraptions and gizmos.

World of Goo HD


Kids can build wiggling Jello-like structures made up of google-eyed, gibberish-talking balls.

Leonardo's Cat


Fantastic contraption-puzzler employs the inventions of DaVinci and the voice of Sir Patrick Stewart!