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Fun Word Apps for Kids

Fun Word Apps for Kids

Learning new words becomes fun when they are presented within these apps.

Kids play with silly monsters, hilarious bugs, and even Big Bird in this collection of the best word apps for kids.

For older kids, the word games are less playful, but still entertaining, including ones that help teens prepare for the SATs.
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Big Bird's Words... A Sesame Street App


Kids get up and move to look for words on Big Bird's list in this fun app that combines learning with being active.

Endless Alphabet


Letters comes alive -- wiggling, blinking, and saying sounds -- while monsters juggle, bellow, and nose around in this madcap alphabet adventure.

Endless Reader


Adorable monsters introduce kids to a set of hilariously animated words in this free, try-before-you-buy reading app. This app is a sequel to Endless Alphabet, but it stands on its own.

Noodle Words HD - Action Set 1


Words become characters in this engaging interactive game, where they show their meanings through hilarious antics.

Mystery Word Town - Sight Word Spelling


Kids capture a gang of outlaws in this rootin'-tootin' spelling game.

Kids' Vocab


This app puts vocabulary practice inside of nine diverse, engaging games.

Word Mess


This app hooks kids by giving them a pile of words displayed all helter-skelter on the screen -- in other words as a "mess" -- and then tasks them to find words that fit a specific rule.



Become a world class wordsmith by answering responsive quiz questions in this word app that adjusts as you play.

SAT Word Slam


By using humor, rhyming poems, and clever mnemonic clues, this app makes learning 400 of the most used SAT words a breeze.