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Top Music Apps for Kids

Top Music Apps for Kids

Want to introduce your child to music? These fun apps can help.

Most children have a natural affinity to music. Can you remember your baby sitting and bouncing to music? Or perhaps your child is constantly singing. Does music make your kid want to tap along or perhaps dance?

Apps can help stimulate children's interest in music. Some like Music with Grandma introduce kids to the sounds different instruments make. Others, such as Toca Band, put kids in charge of orchestrating a song by letting them choose which musicians get a spot on the performance stage. Still others show kids how music is full of repeats, loops, and sequences. Check out Loopimal to let your kids program animals to do dance moves which result in the composition of a musical piece.

This list of apps is a great way to get your kids groovin' to the music!
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Toca Band


Kids create their own band by dragging quirky musicians on stage and then experiment with orchestration by moving them around to different positions.

Animal sound box - learn music with cute animals


Colorful animals become instruments in this musical app for toddlers.

Musical Me! by Duck Duck Moose


Five fun activities featuring cute animals inspire kids to get musical.

Little Fox Music Box - Kids songs - Sing along


Featuring three interactive songs and a music creation area, this app is a delightful way to introduce young children to music.



Animal friends, pulsing with rhythm, want to show off their dance moves to the music your kids create.

Color Band


Kids wave their hands in front of the iPad to conduct music that they have painted on the screen.

Disney Karaoke: Frozen

6.99 - 7.99

Kids record their voices singing and watch the film clips with themselves as the Disney princesses, trolls, princes, ice gatherers, or snowmen!



Kids compose music by drawing a path across the screen for a train to follow.

Music With Grandma


Grandma raises her baton to become the maestro in this medley of fun, music-learning activities.

Easy Music


Animal games help kids to hear music.

Crayola DJ

1.99 - 4.99

Budding DJs layer musical tracks and scratch their way to success!