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Best Apps to Teach Kids about Emotions

Best Apps to Teach Kids about Emotions

This rec list of apps focuses on helping kids to learn about emotions.

Learning to understand and manage emotions is a part of what ed circles call SEL -- social and emotional learning. SEL knowledge is an important part of growing up, as it covers topics such as understanding feelings, goal setting, empathy, managing relationships, and decision-making.

This list of apps covers many of those topics. Kids will learn empathy while helping sad monsters (Make Me Smile) and animals (Gigglebug) to become happy. They will explore the meaning of love with the muppets in Elmo Loves You.

Some apps cover a variety of emotions, such as Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings, Avokiddo Emotions, The Unstealer, Peek-a-Zoo, Touch and Learn Emotions, Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind, and Middle School Confidential 3: What's Up with My Family?

Feeling shy is handled beautifully in Even Monsters Are Shy. Likewise, worrying becomes something parents and kids can talk about after playing Wince - Don't Feed the WorryBug and The Monster at the End of This Book…starring Grover! The fear of separating from a parent is poignantly presented in The Kissing Hand.

Other apps on this list cover feeling inadequate (Brave Rooney), being afraid of the dark (DisMonster), dealing with anger (Angus the Irritable Bull), and accepting others who are different than you (Wee You-Things and My Beastly ABCs).
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Make Me Smile!


Toddlers learn about compassion by soothing 21 distressed monsters by simply touching them. This app is special because it takes photos of your child as they empathize with the monsters.

Elmo Loves You!

2.99 - 3.99

Snuggle up with Elmo to learn about the meaning of love.

Peek-a-Zoo - by Duck Duck Moose


This app's special appeal is that it teaches kids about emotions.

Avokiddo Emotions


Three goofy animals are waiting for your kids to drag objects to them for approval or disdain. This is a hilarious way to teach children about emotions.



Children cheer up grumpy animals by tickling them in this laughter-inducing gigglefest.

Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings


Daniel the Tiger helps kids learn to recognize and respond to different emotions.

The Monster at the End of This Book...starring Grover!


Grover tries to stop kids from turning the pages of this book app in this hilarious story about overcoming your fears.

Wee You-Things


Insightful book app that reveals how people have unique traits that make them different.

Touch and Learn - Emotions


This free app offers photos of people expressing emotions so that kids can practice deciphering body language and expressions.

The Kissing Hand


In this heartfelt book app, a baby raccoon learns to overcome his fear of separating from his mother.

Even Monsters Are Shy


Monster Gurk learns to overcome his shyness with the help of a caring little boy.

My Beastly ABCs


If your kids love imagining monsters and beasts, this book takes them on a monster-filled romp with a timid boy and the alphabet.

Angus the Irritable Bull


Pawing and huffing, Angus the Bull shares an important lesson about overcoming anger.

Wince - Don't Feed The WorryBug


When little monster Wince worries so much that he attracts an unwanted WorryBug, he must learn to change.

Brave Rooney


A diversity story about an ordinary boy who discovers he is special while attending a school for superheroes.

DisMonster - Catch the shadow!


Instead of being afraid of the monsters in the dark, kids unmask the ghostly forms to see the real objects causing the shadows.

The Unstealer


A clever thief sneaks into situations rife with negative emotions and steals the prefix "un" off of words to make things more positive.

Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind


Second in a series of graphic novels for kids, this book app explores friendships and some of the issues that can come up, including eating disorders, disputes, being used, and other important topics.

Middle School Confidential 3: What's Up with My Family?


This graphic novel explores family issues in a manner that's meaningful.