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Best of Sago Sago Apps

Best of Sago Sago Apps

App developer Sago Sago is known for its highly entertaining, open-ended digital playgrounds.

Here is a list of the best of the Sago Sago apps. From exploring space to romping through a magical fairy tale forest to using digital tools to build, these apps provide new worlds to explore filled with fun animal friends. There is even a kids' app that lets your child design robots.
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Sago Mini Fairy Tales


A perfect toddler and preschooler romp through a magical forest filled with fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters.

Sago Mini Space Explorer


Outer space becomes a digital playground in this open-ended exploration app from Sago Sago.

Sago Mini Monsters


Little monsters, bubbling with personality, want to play with you!

Sago Mini Road Trip


Car-loving toddlers can jump behind the wheel to take 12 crazy vehicles on road trips.

Sago Mini Friends


Now your toddler can have play dates anytime or anywhere! Visit five giggly, silly friends to have snacks, blow up balloons, and even build a birdhouse together.

Sago Mini Toolbox


Tool-wielding becomes safe in this fun hands-on environment about building things with friends.

Sago Mini Babies


Four adorable baby animals await your child's care and nurturing.

Sago Mini Superhero


Is it a bird, a plane, or Superman? No, it's Jack the Rabbit as Superhero!

Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers


Grab your hard hat and become the boss of a construction site!

Sago Mini Robot Party


Kids design robots to decorate cupcakes, dance, and party!

Sago Mini Planes


Take to the skies with five animal friends in silly-shaped airplanes.