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Amazing Alphabet Apps

Amazing Alphabet Apps

Flashcards are so yesterday! Teach you kids the alphabet with these fun, interactive apps.

Metamorphabet mesmerizes with its dazzling transformations and intriguing animations, AlphaTots amazes with its fun games, and Elmo energizes learning with his silly antics in Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad.

Avokiddo ABC Ride takes kids on a bicycle ride to learn the ABCs, while Faces iMake - ABC turns alphabet learning into puzzle play. With Endless Alphabet, silly monsters act out the meanings of words.

My Beastly ABCs uses mythical creatures and beasts to demonstrate each letter of the alphabet. Told in a book app format, this tale about a timid boy playing with monsters is told by the master narrator Jim Dale of Harry Potter fame!
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Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad


Furry, red monster Elmo uses his considerable charm to teach your kids about the ABCs.


1.99 - 2.99

AlphaTots combines the 26 letters of the alphabet with 26 fun mini-games.

Avokiddo ABC Ride


Your kids will jump and jiggle on jelly to find the letter J in this playful alphabet app full of thinking games and silly characters.

Faces iMake - ABC


Preschoolers learn the letters of the alphabet by putting together highly creative puzzles.



Dazzle your kids' senses with this alphabetic journey into creativity.

Endless Alphabet


Letters comes alive -- wiggling, blinking, and saying sounds -- while monsters juggle, bellow, and nose around in this madcap alphabet adventure.

My Beastly ABCs


If your kids love imagining monsters and beasts, this book takes them on a monster-filled romp with a timid boy and the alphabet.