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Best Nonfiction Book Apps for Kids

Best Nonfiction Book Apps for Kids

The book apps on this list impart real facts or events in an engaging manner.

With these nonfiction book apps, kids can enter the worlds of ants, bats, penguins, dinosaurs, kelp forests, and others to discover facts about these creatures. They can also play with a robot named Bobo as he introduces children to the complex world of light. These nonfiction books make learning fun.
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Rounds: Parker Penguin


Kids help a penguin grow up and in the process learn about what life is like for this flightless bird.

Rounds: Franklin Frog


Kids learn about the life cycle of a frog by interacting with the adorable Franklin the Frog.

The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants


Kids learn about ants by reading this beautifully presented book app, which has a nifty slider on each page to adjust the reading difficulty.

Ocean Forests


Kids frolic with fish and animals that live in kelp forests.

A is for Amphibians


Magical book app brings kids up close to frogs.

Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night


Fluttery wings, dark nights, and lots of fascinating facts fill this highly recommended science book app.

Bobo Explores Light


Little robot Bobo teaches kids all about light as they play within the book app's hands-on science museum.

March of the Dinosaurs


Meet Scar, an Edmontosaurus, and Patch, a juvenile Troodon, in a 65-page book app that tells the story of their survival over the first year of their lives.