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Apps to Promote Logical Thinking

Apps to Promote Logical Thinking

With these apps, your kids can practice logical and analytical thinking, memory skills, and planning ahead.

These critical thinking skills apps are organized by age, with the ones for younger children presented first. In most, kids are placed into an environment with rules. They have to experiment to figure out what the rules are and then learn how to apply the rules to win the game or puzzle. These logic puzzles for kids are both fun and brainy!
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Busy Shapes


This digital playground filled with geometric shapes and corresponding holes invites exploration by the toddler and preschooler set. It cleverly sets forth logical thinking challenges that get progressively harder.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Shapes & Colors


Romp with the literary caterpillar to learn shapes and colors!

Peg + Cat: The Tree Problem


Kids become cat-rescuing geniuses as they devise clever solutions to get Peg's pet Cat out of the top a tree.


2.99 - 3.99

18 animated balls with charming personalities roll through vertical mazes to create rollicking fun and teach logical thinking.

Match Blitz


Grab your kid and fire up your iPad for a fast-paced game of matching shapes -- one you can play together!

Thinkrolls 2

2.99 - 3.99

Kids roll 32 round, spunky characters through vertical mazes as they explore logical thinking and science.

Monster Hunt - The Memory Game


Who wants family bragging rights for having the best memory? Play this game to find out.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles


Expand kids' minds with this set of fascinating logic puzzles filled with zing and zip!

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens


Boisterous ball-like characters roll through magical castles to teach kids logic and science.

Leonardo's Cat


Fantastic contraption-puzzler employs the inventions of DaVinci and the voice of Sir Patrick Stewart!

Blueprint 3D HD

0.99 - 1.99

This collection of over 300 levels presents the player with a mass of seemingly unconnected dots and lines to rotate until you start to see order out of the chaos.

Joining Hands


This delightful set of puzzles involves placing adorable little creatures on honeycomb like grids so that they are all holding hands.

Mars Gen One: Argubot Academy


Gather your evidence, choose your claims, and debate in robotic duels on Mars! May the best argument win!

Water Bears


50 water pipes puzzles dripping with logic and spatial reasoning challenges.