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Amazing Android Apps for Kids Ages 8-up (2015)

Amazing Android Apps for Kids Ages 8-up (2015)

On this rec list for older kids using Android devices, the apps range from educational to games to puzzles. There is something for everyone!

For classic puzzle apps, check out Where's My Water (water physics puzzles), Where's My Mickey (more water physics), Where's My Perry (water physics, just this time the water is in the form of steam, ice, and liquid) and Cut the Rope 2 (a sequel to the famous rope-cutting puzzles starring adorable alien Om Nom).

Award-winning visuals grace the insides of Monument Valley (a 3D puzzler about rotating environments) and World of Goo (an arresting black and white environment filled with delightful animated balls or goo).

For learning, check out DragonBox Elements (a geometry game), DragonBox Algebra 12+ (an algebra game), SMART Adventures Mission Math (math embedded in a fun outerspace adventure), Scribblenauts Remix (a puzzle game about using your vocabulary), and Tynker (a game about learning to code).

For raucous fun, download Heads Up! , a charades-type game for groups to play, and Plants vs. Zombies, a hilarious tower-defense game where you defend your house from silly zombies by planting a wide variety of warrior plants.
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Heads Up!


A variation of Charades where the group acts out words, trying to help the designated player figure out what is on the hidden screen of his/her smartphone or tablet.

Where's My Mickey

1.99 - 2.99

Solve water physics puzzles featuring Mickey Mouse and the gang.

Where's My Water?


A charming series of water-physics puzzles starring Swampy, an alligator who just likes to be clean.

Cut the Rope 2


Brain-stretching puzzles about cutting swinging objects to make candy drop into the adorable alien Om Nom's mouth.

Monument Valley

1.99 - 3.99

A visually arresting puzzle game filled with landscapes that would have made M.C. Escher proud.

DragonBox Elements

2.99 - 5.99

Become a geometry genius by solving intriguing puzzles where different shapes become characters.

World of Goo HD


Kids can build wiggling Jello-like structures made up of google-eyed, gibberish-talking balls.

Where's My Perry


Physics-based puzzler about using water (liquid, ice, and steam)to solve puzzles involving Perry from the TV show Phineas and Ferb.

SMART Adventures Mission Math 1


This math game for girls has a cool save-a-space-station storyline presented with sleek graphics and animation, and strong female role models.

Plants vs. Zombies HD

0.99 - 6.99

Fab tower defense game where kids fend off the undead by planting hilarious zombie-killing plants.

Scribblenauts Remix


Fascinating puzzles where you solve them by writing new items into existence.

DragonBox Algebra 12+

7.99 - 9.99

Exciting math puzzler that secretly teaches kids algebra in a step-by-step manner.

Mystery Word Town - Sight Word Spelling


Kids capture a gang of outlaws in this rootin'-tootin' spelling game.