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Girl Power in Apps

Girl Power in Apps

No damsels in distress here! The following apps present positive female role models for both girls and boys.

The girl-centered apps on this rec list convey the message that girls can be powerful, resourceful, and creative.
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Kalley's Machine Plus Cats


Bang bashers, crank handles, and explode food with this little girl's fantastical machine filled with gears and gizmos galore!

Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow


A modern version of the classic tale where Little Red is the heroine, and she saves her granny from the wolf. The app lets you choose your own path through the woods, so when you replay it, you can experience several different endings.

Cool Careers Dress Up for Girls


In this eye-opening dress-up game, girls see that they can be doctors, firefighters, and more.

Dora and Friends

2.99 - 4.99

Girls create and direct their own video stories with as assist from Dora and her friends Kate, Naiya, Emma, Alana, and Pablo.

Olivia Dreams: An Interactive Storybook


Positive role model Olivia the Pig dreams big in four stories that can be read in either a brighter daytime or quieter nighttime mode.

Princess Fairy Tale Maker - by Duck Duck Moose


Girls become creators to turn astronauts, doctors, authors, and more into princesses to tell contemporary heroine tales.

Frozen: Storybook Deluxe


Frozen fans explore the "flipside" to this heartwarming story about 2 sisters and 2 set of feelings by turning their device upside down to read both points of view.

Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic Rescue


Join Doc McStuffins on a bicycle race to rescue broken toys where players perform the doctoring and the driving.

Grandma's Great Gourd


An adventurous Bengali grandma outwits predators in forest in this interactive book app.

Angry Birds Stella


This feminine, feisty flock of angry birds will have you strategizing to solve its delightful puzzles, while also reaching for your wallet for in-app purchases.

SMART Adventures Mission Math 1


This math game for girls has a cool save-a-space-station storyline presented with sleek graphics and animation, and strong female role models.

SMART Adventures Mission Math 2: Peril at the Pyramids


Make math your mission in this STEM game specially targeted towards girls.