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Best Math Apps

Best Math Apps

With these top math apps, kids will discover that being good at math can be fun and rewarding!

With this recommended list of math apps reviews, you can feel confident about downloading apps that introduce math concepts in fun and engaging ways. With these learning apps, kids go on adventures including defeating super-villains, wrangling monsters, and exploring outer space. Budding mathematicians can play with Elmo, friendly bugs, monsters, or prehistoric animals. There is something for everyone on this list! And all of these apps help kids to learn math concepts and practice their math facts.
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Little Digits - Finger Counting


This clever app brilliantly brings finger counting into the digital age. Kids use their fingers to bring digit characters to life.

Elmo Loves 123s


Elmo teams up with Abby to teach kids about the numbers 1 to 20.

Park Math


An inviting math app where kids learn by playing games with friendly animal characters in a park.

Drive About: Number Neighborhood


9 cute games encourage kids to explore and engage with math concepts and numbers 0- 20.

Bugs and Buttons 2


Kids explore 18 different activities that teach early learning concepts such as counting, patterns, shapes, logic and more. And they do it while playing with realistic-looking bugs.

DragonBox Numbers


Kids solve fun puzzles where numbers are adorable characters that speak, wiggle, join together, and divide.

Dexteria Dots 2


Kids become comparison wizards with this fun math game that uses dots to teach greater than, less than, and equal to.

Odd Squad: Blob Chase


Odd Squad headquarters is suffering from a mini-blob invasion! Kids use math and logic to wrangle the balls of goo back into containers.

The Land of Venn - Geometric Defense


This clever game makes using math fun by having kids draw geometric shapes to defeat monsters.

Mystery Math Town


A clever math practice app that uses a mystery theme to get sleuths rearranging numbers to make equations.

Numbers League


POW! WHAM! BANG! Kids use their superpower of doing math to defeat comic bad guys.

Slice Fractions


Using swiping motions similar to Cut the Rope, kids slice objects into fractions to solve over 90 math-infused physics puzzles.

The Counting Kingdom

0.99 - 2.99

Tower defense game about using math to defeat cute monsters.

DragonBox Algebra 5+

2.99 - 5.99

An ingenious set of 200 puzzles where kids think they are just playing but then they discover that they are learning algebra.

Motion Math: Pizza!


Calling all pizza lovers! From tossing pizzas, to setting prices, to serving customers -- players do it all in this excellent math simulation.

DragonBox Elements

2.99 - 5.99

Become a geometry genius by solving intriguing puzzles where different shapes become characters.

Twelve a Dozen


Kids join the numeric hero 'Twelve' as she runs, jumps, and solves math equations to save her world!

SMART Adventures Mission Math 1


This math game for girls has a cool save-a-space-station storyline presented with sleek graphics and animation, and strong female role models.

SMART Adventures Mission Math 2: Peril at the Pyramids


Make math your mission in this STEM game specially targeted towards girls.

DragonBox Algebra 12+

7.99 - 9.99

Exciting math puzzler that secretly teaches kids algebra in a step-by-step manner.