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Eco Science Games

Eco Science Games

This list of science games includes both eco apps and "green" websites.

If you are looking for Earth Day apps or ecology games, this is the list for you! From helping an alien understand Earth's ecosystems to playing with augmented reality bears in your own backyard, these kids' games make learning about the environment fun.
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Care for Our World


This charming book app about ecology explains why it's important to care for all creatures, big and small.

MarcoPolo Ocean


Dolphins leap, pufferfish bloat, and submersibles await your piloting in this fun, build-and-play, eco-ocean game.

Disneynature Explore


Wild animals are running amok in your backyard!

Plum's Photo Hunt


Cute and curious alien Plum sends kids on missions outside to take nature photos. The photos can be shared with Plum by submitting them to a safe, vetted PBS Kids' Plum Landing site for posting.

The Lorax


This book app elegantly transfers Dr. Seuss' classic cautionary tale of how industry's excesses can negatively impact an environment as kids read about how the Lorax tried to save his beloved Truffula Trees.

Turtle Crossing


Can a little turtle safely cross a road to get to a clean lake?

Toca Nature


The land is your canvas and the trees your paint in this fascinating nature simulation where kids create a wilderness in which to explore, watch, and interact.

Eeko World


This free website houses two fun eco-sims. In one you design your own creature and in the other, you run through a house to see how much you know about keeping a house eco-friendly.

Plum Landing


A great destination for budding earth ambassadors where Alien Plum entertains kids with eco games, experiments, and more.

Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island HD


An eco-simulation game where kids are in charge of designing and protecting their own island from environmental disasters.

Earth Day Carol


Plastic Bottle Scrooge, who notices that Earth Day is coming, responds with "Bah. The environment. Humbug." So starts this charming environmental romp based on the Dickens' classic.

Maggie's Earth Adventures


Maggie's Earth Adventures presents six free cartoon adventures that teach environmental issues by showing them in the context of a story.