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Preschool Apps to Help Kids Build Routines

Preschool Apps to Help Kids Build Routines

A list of apps that encourage preschoolers to willingly participate in their daily routines.

By building routines into a preschooler's life, most parents find that the day goes more smoothly. Whether it is a bedtime or bathroom routine, or going to the doctor, these apps can help. All these apps model good behavior for preschoolers.
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Bo's Bedtime Story


This book app, starring a charming baby giraffe, engages preschoolers in a going-to-bed routine.

Pepi Bath


Kids learn about hygiene by helping Pepi take a bath, brush his or her teeth, go to the bathroom, and learn about washing clothes.

The Going to Bed Book


Adapted from Sandra Boynton's beloved board book, this charming app about 10 animals going to bed captivates kids by including them in the silly late-night shenanigans.

Nighty Night! HD


This lovely book app tells the story of seven animals going to bed in and around a farmhouse. As you visit each animal, you can interact with it to help it settle in for the night.

Dr. Panda's Hospital


Preschoolers start to learn the routines involving going to the doctor by helping Dr. Panda cure his sick animal patients.

Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty


Daniel Tiger helps toddlers learn bathroom routines.

Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids


Seven circus animals need your child's help in settling down for bed.