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Designed to be a resource for new parents, this bi-lingual app (English and Spanish) provides 13 interactive games for parents and kids to play together on their device.
Kids fix flat tires, tow broken-down cars, sort trash from the garbage truck, and more in this truck-based activity app for preschoolers and kindergartners.
Kids race monster trucks, use a firetruck's hose to put out a fire, take cars to the junk yard and smash them, and operate a crane in this fun truck-themed activity center.
TV watching is no longer a passive experience. Kids can now interact with the Sesame Street Muppets while watching their favorite Sesame Street TV show. This version stops the TV to let kids play video games which transports the child's image into the show.
This book app, starring a charming baby giraffe, engages preschoolers in a going-to-bed routine.
Preschoolers start to learn the routines involving going to the doctor by helping Dr. Panda cure his sick animal patients.
Kids learn about hygiene by helping Pepi take a bath, brush his or her teeth, go to the bathroom, and learn about washing clothes.
This app's special appeal is that it teaches kids about emotions.
By using Kinect, kids get to play games with the Sesame Street Muppets without having to use a controller. This magical gaming experience has kids jumping, wiggling and running in front of the TV to interact with a variety of friendly monsters. In the process, preschoolers will learn about friendship, working together, facing fears, and how to solve problems.
Preschoolers explore 3 underwater scenes to find hidden objects.
Mesmerizing fish respond to your child's touch to form letters, numbers, shapes and more.