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A clever math practice app that uses a mystery theme to get sleuths rearranging numbers to make equations.
This math game for girls has a cool save-a-space-station storyline presented with sleek graphics and animation, and strong female role models.
Exciting math puzzler that secretly teaches kids algebra in a step-by-step manner.
Kids practice early math concepts, including numbers, how to count, comparing sizes and sequence by playing with adorable bugs and colorful buttons.
Elmo teams up with Abby to teach kids about the numbers 1 to 20.
An ingenious set of 200 puzzles where kids think they are just playing but then they discover that they are learning algebra.
Presented as an animated comic book, this mystery has Carmen and her gang stealing the Statue of Liberty. Kids become gumshoes and solve this crime by doing math problems.
Vividly realistic bugs and brightly colored buttons make playing 18 math games fun.
Kids join the Team Umizoomi to play 25 math games.
Kids explore 8 activities with Lightning McQueen and Mater, including racing and math.
By flipping, sliding, and turning, kids explore symmetry and math reasoning in fun, challenging puzzles.