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Kids animate geometric shapes in this stop-motion film-creator app. They will learn to combine or layer shapes on top of each other to create more interesting characters.
Kids become stars of their own comic strips by taking and then placing photos in a template and tweaking the talk bubbles.
Kids use a set of robots programmed to do specific building tasks to construct digital worlds in which to play, create stories, and produce art.
The magic of this simple app is that kids draw a fish on real paper and then use this app to scan their artwork into a virtual aquarium.
This interactive virtual space also offers you video chat, so that you can draw, collaborate, and talk with others online as you create things together.
This app teaches young kids (ages 3-6) how to create a cartoon.
Splat! An ink spot jiggles, hoping your creativity will turn it into a world-class monster.
This creative drawing program encourages kids to become animators and narrators of their own stories.