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Grow crops, raise animals, drive a tractor, and more in this virtual farm app!
Kids create their own digital theater productions based on six popular fairy tales.
A subscription video-streaming service of thousands of handpicked videos that focus on play and creativity.
An inviting math app where kids learn by playing games with friendly animal characters in a park.
Take to the skies with five animal friends in silly-shaped airplanes.
Young artists create exciting Eric Carle-like collage art with their fingers rather than scissors and glue!
Learning grammar becomes fun by playing these six mini-games.
Kids learn about the science of the Earth in an interactive sandbox.
Drawing becomes fun within this creativity adventure where kids help a little boy fix a world by tracing geometric shapes.
Preschoolers fly through the air with their favorite PAW Patrol pups.
Refreshing version of Cinderella where the prince falls for her because she is nice. Now available in 3 languages!
Relive the Finding Dory film by controlling Dory in a series of underwater mazes.
Ahoy Matey! Design your own pirate crew and then play with them in two interactive scenes.
Kids zoom into outer space on missions to learn about the solar system.
Now on Android! From food fights to science experiments, this app lets kids explore a virtual school!
Kids play doctor in an interactive digital hospital playset.
Kids design robots to decorate cupcakes, dance, and party!
Using live cameras and interactive videos, kids get up close to wild animals.
Kids become galactic explorers by pointing their devices at the night sky.
Kids roll 32 round, spunky characters through vertical mazes as they explore logical thinking and science.