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Grab your wand to become Harry Potter and relive the big events of the first 4 J.K. Rowlings books, infused with a little tongue-in-cheek humor.
This highly engaging learning adventure features a friendly alien and his robotic sidekick. As they learn about Africa, so does your child.
The classic tactile book gets a digital makeover that is special.
Combining a famous children's song with teaching body parts, this app can be explored in 4 languages.
Part book and part game, kids solve a mystery set on a Ranch in the West.
Grover tries to stop kids from turning the pages of this book app in this hilarious story about overcoming your fears.
A charming story about what a Teddy Bear does while his owner is away.
A stunning folktale about how poverty sneaks into people's lives.
Help candy-junkie Om Nom get his treats by working your way through rope-cutting puzzles.
Bird flinging, pig grunting, castle-toppling fun for the whole family!
Kids practice writing letters, numbers, and simple words by tracing over the outline of letters or numbers.
A unique art creation app about making faces using collage materials.
Preschoolers explore 3 underwater scenes to find hidden objects.
Mesmerizing fish respond to your child's touch to form letters, numbers, shapes and more.
This book app elegantly transfers Dr. Seuss' classic cautionary tale of how industry's excesses can negatively impact an environment as kids read about how the Lorax tried to save his beloved Truffula Trees.
Eco warriors fix the desolated world presented in "The Lorax" book by growing the lost Truffula trees and a wide variety of Seussian flowers.