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Pictorial coding game that is too hard for intended 4-year-old players.
Toddlers and preschoolers make objects come alive by combining geometric shapes.
Kids capture a gang of outlaws in this rootin'-tootin' spelling game.
A fairy tale mashup full of clever surprises, where the words come alive to solve puzzles.
Free (gratis! gratuit! frei!) app uses a multitude of mini-quizzes to turn kids into playful polyglots.
Kids rev up their curiosity and learn about the world by taking on DIY challenges, watching curated videos, and sharing creations.
Animal friends, pulsing with rhythm, want to show off their dance moves to the music your kids create.
Learning food facts becomes fun as kids explore this nutritional guide with interactive graphics and activities.
Kids explore engineering principles by helping an adorable robot escape a recycling bin filled with intriguing contraptions and gizmos.
Puzzle fun, where kids 'gear up' to learn engineering principles.
Kids tinker with everyday objects to create Rube Goldberg-like machines in this series of puzzles.
This revamped version of the Dr. Seuss classic book overflows with fun animations, interactions, and learning games.
Hilarious monsters cavort across the screen as they act out the meaning of Spanish words.
Spend a day on the farm driving machinery, raising crops, and taking care of animals.
Kids become urban explorers, joining cool characters from their favorite Toca apps to discover diverse delights in the big city.
This funky digital town is waiting your child's exploration. Kids create their own games with its inhabitants, visit six locations, and discover hidden treasures nestled in unlikely places.
Free NIH-sponsored game teaches kids about heart health with fantastic monsters, fun mini-games, and more!
A collection of static books that read aloud to your child. The collection is curated by a children's librarian and suggestions are made based on books previously selected.
Kids become robot inventors, and then test their wacky creations in a challenging obstacle course.
Children cheer up grumpy animals by tickling them in this laughter-inducing gigglefest.