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Zoinks! Scooby-Doo wants to romp with you in this virtual pet sim filled with mysteries!
Mix up magical (or monstrous) meals for three characters with big appetites and bigger reactions!
In this eye-opening dress-up game, girls see that they can be doctors, firefighters, and more.
Kids use the zoom feature of the iPad to enter and exit five fantastical worlds.
Furry, red monster Elmo uses his considerable charm to teach your kids about the ABCs.
Imaginative tale about a car wash with a special door that leads to a world full of dragons and knights.
Gather your evidence, choose your claims, and debate in robotic duels on Mars! May the best argument win!
Kids join in on the telling of this classic fairy tale by controlling the narrative and playing inside the scenes.
This graphic novel explores family issues in a manner that's meaningful.
A digital lift-the-flap book where kids open doors and cabinets to help a mommy monster find her baby.
Popular trivia game blends silliness, social engagement, and strategy to keep players coming back (and paying) for more.
Exciting choose-your-own-adventure format enhances complex story about the role of decisions in our lives.
Climb aboard this train made from craft materials for a joyous and inventive toddler ride.
A plucky artist saves his town by using his imagination and a magic paintbrush.
Peek inside the imagination of a little boy who is looking for friends in unusual places.
Combining science and reading, this app sends kids romping with a baby dino and then chronicles the journey by turning it into a storybook.
John F. Kennedy's voice inspires kids to play through this history app's two fun learning missions.
Dazzle your kids' senses with this alphabetic journey into creativity.
Learn and practice Spanish by creating scenes that bring language to life. Es muy divertida.
Dinosaurs stomp, snort, grunt, and roar while introducing young children to comparison words.