How We Rate

All products reviewed by this site have undergone a comprehensive evaluation process. Each product is subjected to a thorough analysis by a professional reviewer, and when appropriate, kid-tested. The product is then rated on a 5 star scale.

To arrive at a star rating, we look at the following factors:

  • Education Factor: We consider all aspects of the product in terms of how well it delivers education content and whether that content is appropriate for the targeted audience.
  • Fun Factor: We determine if children will consider a title fun to play at first and over a longer time span. In considering engagement we look to the visuals, sound, technology use, variety, and overall appeal.
  • Usability Factor: We look to ease of use of the product, including navigation, use of instructions and/or tutorials, the child's control, and appropriate leveling (when applicable)
  • Value Factor: We consider how the cost of a product relates to what it delivers, and look at this pricing as compared to what else in in the marketplace.
  • Techie Factor: We consider the product's overall technology features and how well those features fit within the product. We also look at whether the product integrates inappropriate social media for the targeted children's age.
A product doesn't need to be educational to get our 5 star rating. It's a factor we consider only if it is relevant. Some of our top-rated kid tech products are just for fun!
What the Star Ratings Mean
Very Good
Below Average
Don't Bother
Don't Bother
Don't Bother
Don't Bother
Don't Bother