Tech with Kids' Best Picks Lists

The following recommended lists compile the Best of the Best.

In hopes of bubbling up the top tech products reviewed on this site, we have created recommended lists on a variety of topics. By combining similar products on the same topic or ones appropriate for the same age into a list, we hope to provide you more guidance on how to use tech with kids. We rate products on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical. We give Best Picks Awards to those products that rate at least 4 stars and represent the best products for kids on a specific topic. With the Best Picks Lists, we are even more selective, showcasing only the top tech picks on this site.

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Apps to Make Kids Laugh

The apps are this list can help bring out a smile, laugh, or giggle in your kids.

Top Music Apps for Kids

Want to introduce your child to music? These fun apps can help.

Best Kids Apps of 2015

Here's our top picks for the Best Apps of 2015 for children!

Fantastic Fairy Tale Apps

The app stores are overflowing with fairy tale apps. The book apps on this list are special.

Halloween Apps for Kids

Add some silly spookiness to your child’s Halloween with these top-rated Halloween apps.

Apps to Help Alleviate Children's Fears

With these apps about childhood fears, kids can learn to deal with their own anxieties.

10 Top Preschool Apps

From jiggling jelly to wriggling digits, the best preschool apps are full of irresistible charm and whimsy.

Scooby-Doo Games - Best Of

Wussy Great Dane Scooby-Doo and his friends always manage to solve the mystery in these great games.

TV-based Apps for Kids

Here are the best TV-based apps showcasing your children's favorite characters.

Amazing Alphabet Apps

Flashcards are so yesterday! Teach you kids the alphabet with these fun, interactive apps.

Apps with Standout Visuals

The apps on this list mesmerize players with stunning visuals.

Book Apps Starring Imaginative Kids

Here's a list of book apps featuring kids who use their imaginations to think big.

20 Best Kids Apps of 2014

Full of innovation and wonder, the apps on this recommended list represent the best of the best in 2014.

Best Bedtime Story Apps

With these storybook apps, bedtime reading still means cuddling up together, just now the book has interactivity and great animation.

Missing Grandma? There's an App for That!

Several iOS app developers have come up with clever solutions to connect kids to distant parents and relatives in meaningful ways.

Hook Boys on Books with These Apps

Does your little boy love video games but is not so keen about reading? Try these storybook apps.