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Kids travel back in time to meet Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and other famous Revolutionary War heroes in this engaging app that makes history come alive.
Kids learn about modern art by playing with this unique set of art tools. They can create their own artwork or follow step-by-step projects based on famous pieces of modern art during which they can add their own unique flair.
A wacky, vegetable sorting game that teaches kids about healthy eating.
Elegant app for teaching kids how to create their own stop-motion films. Kids can draw their own characters or use the stamps provided by the app.
Kids animate geometric shapes in this stop-motion film-creator app. They will learn to combine or layer shapes on top of each other to create more interesting characters.
Kids become stars of their own comic strips by taking and then placing photos in a template and tweaking the talk bubbles.
Sophisticated and magnificent, this fairy tale is meant to be enjoyed by older children and even adults.
This exciting adventure game uses real toy figures to introduce heroes into the game. These heroes have tops and bottoms that can be switched to create new heroes -- a cool feature that is tied into the strategy of how to best play the game.
Kids compose music by drawing a path across the screen for a train to follow.
A clever math practice app that uses a mystery theme to get sleuths rearranging numbers to make equations.
This math game for girls has a cool save-a-space-station storyline presented with sleek graphics and animation, and strong female role models.
An app where the animated characters talk directly to you and listen to what you say to create a conversation. While it isn't perfect, it is magical.
An eco-simulation game where kids are in charge of designing and protecting their own island from environmental disasters.
Action/adventure game that uses toys placed on a portal as the method of entering a character into the game. Also has separate Toy Box mode for game creation.
A tool for crafting 3D paper projects in the real world.
Second in a series of graphic novels for kids, this book app explores friendships and some of the issues that can come up, including eating disorders, disputes, being used, and other important topics.
An engaging geography app has kids driving over the 50 states.
Kids use a set of robots programmed to do specific building tasks to construct digital worlds in which to play, create stories, and produce art.
A rich playset of digital characters and settings for kids to use in making their own stories.
This app puts vocabulary practice inside of nine diverse, engaging games.