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You become Harry Potter by playing this game using the Kinect controller.
Fab tower defense game where kids fend off the undead by planting hilarious zombie-killing plants.
If you can feel the beat and your reflexes are quick, this game is a lot of fun to explore. It has a convoluted mystery, and lots for rhythmic mini-games.
An action/adventure game based on the movie Brave that squanders the opportunity to create a terrific video game with a strong female lead. Instead, the game plays like a typical combat adventure game created for young boys, where the lead character just happens to be wearing a dress.
Intriguing Indie-game set inside of an old tree. Five little tree creatures go on a journey to save their home tree's last seed from being destroyed by evil parasites.
A nature quest game where teens search wildlife areas to find and identify animals in a series of hidden object puzzles and then build and design their own Game Preserve.
The Little Deviants are a group of fun-loving, wacky aliens who have crash-landed on a planet filled with peaceful, human-like creatures. By playing the 30 mini-games, you help the cartoony Deviants to rebuild their spaceship.
A free historic simulation game in which kids take on the role of Lucy, a slave who lived in the pre-Civil War era.
A family trivia game for groups that like hard geography questions.
Fascinating puzzles where you solve them by writing new items into existence.
Kids use real toy figures placed on a special portal to bring their heroes into the game.
For Harry Potter lovers of all ages, this game delivers a tongue-in-cheek recounting of the major events in the last four Harry Potter movies.
Fast-paced action game where kids explore 6 Disney worlds.
Kids join Professor Layton, a master puzzle-solver, on a mystery filled with brainteasers and conundrums.
Is there a monster-like creature lurking in the woods around a Bavarian Castle? Become Nancy Drew and find out!
A point-and-click mystery filled with hidden objects puzzles and brainteasers.
This Lego'esque rendition of the four "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies is hilarious fun to explore.
A combat-heavy action game that doesn't have as much of the trademark humor typically found in Lego games. This is high octane gameplay focused on mowing down enemy droids and ships.