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Kids zoom into outer space on missions to learn about the solar system.
Puzzles that use counting by multiples to rescue cute characters.
Learning food facts becomes fun as kids explore this nutritional guide with interactive graphics and activities.
An eerie, interactive 3D pop-up book full of adorable things-that-go-bump-in-the-night.
Increase your child's vocabulary with these mixed-up word find puzzles. Endless combinations give kids a fun way to practice spelling and vocabulary.
Kids compose music by drawing a path across the screen for a train to follow.
Kids use logic to dig through a grid of dirt to find buried dinosaur bones.
A learning adventure with 8 games that doesn't use the Wii's controls well.
Charming adventure game about how a little boy overcomes his fear of the dark.
Reading becomes fun when children join the Blaster pals (two kids and a dog) on an adventure to the Planet of Lost Things.
Children go on an 'Indiana-Jones-type' adventure during which they play 5 games that teach reading comprehension, parts of speech, vocabulary, and phonics.