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This construction site app involves wrecking balls, big trucks, and the satisfaction of building a house from the ground up!
Stack animals in a real world Jenga-like game to create new creatures in a lush digital world.
Using interactive virtual reality, kids jump into a forest to experience 5 different stories.
Run your own toy store, filled with toys you have created.
Catch and collect cute pocket monsters as you walk in the real world.
Captivating fantasy read filled with movie-like animation and interactive puzzles.
Colorful canvasses and a creative community inspire kids to make and share digital art.
Intriguing app that encourages kids to tell their stories, take stock of their feelings, and value others.
Coding becomes child's play in this fun app about helping adorable characters solve problems.
Plant seeds and nurture their growth to build a gardening business.
Become an urban planner and city builder in this combination sim and puzzle app!
Boisterous ball-like characters roll through magical castles to teach kids logic and science.
Kids use real Play-Doh to create characters and scenery to scan into the app to build their magical worlds.
An epic storybook app about two brave foxes who save their island.
Kids create their own digital theater productions based on six popular fairy tales.
A subscription video-streaming service of thousands of handpicked videos that focus on play and creativity.
Learning grammar becomes fun by playing these six mini-games.
Kids learn about the science of the Earth in an interactive sandbox.
Refreshing version of Cinderella where the prince falls for her because she is nice. Now available in 3 languages!
Relive the Finding Dory film by controlling Dory in a series of underwater mazes.