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Five hardworking construction site trucks need tucking in at night.
This construction site app involves wrecking balls, big trucks, and the satisfaction of building a house from the ground up!
This charming book app about ecology explains why it's important to care for all creatures, big and small.
All aboard! For an exciting train time for toddlers and preschoolers.
Run your own toy store, filled with toys you have created.
Become an urban planner and city builder in this combination sim and puzzle app!
Lead a musical parade with Eric Carle's beloved Brown Bear and friends.
Giddy-up for a horse-filled adventure that goes from stables to horse shows and campsites to cafes.
An adventurous Bengali grandma outwits predators in forest in this interactive book app.
A gentle train-themed learning adventure that introduces colors, sorting, and counting.
Kids use real Play-Doh to create characters and scenery to scan into the app to build their magical worlds.
With consummate storyteller LeVar Burton at its helm, this library app presents exciting stories with professional narration.
Grow crops, raise animals, drive a tractor, and more in this virtual farm app!
Kids create their own digital theater productions based on six popular fairy tales.
A subscription video-streaming service of thousands of handpicked videos that focus on play and creativity.
An inviting math app where kids learn by playing games with friendly animal characters in a park.
Take to the skies with five animal friends in silly-shaped airplanes.
Young artists create exciting Eric Carle-like collage art with their fingers rather than scissors and glue!
Kids learn about the science of the Earth in an interactive sandbox.