Tech with Kids' Best Picks Lists

The following recommended lists compile the Best of the Best.

In hopes of bubbling up the top tech products reviewed on this site, we have created recommended lists on a variety of topics. By combining similar products on the same topic or ones appropriate for the same age into a list, we hope to provide you more guidance on how to use tech with kids. We rate products on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical. We give Best Picks Awards to those products that rate at least 4 stars and represent the best products for kids on a specific topic. With the Best Picks Lists, we are even more selective, showcasing only the top tech picks on this site.

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Kids Apps Showing Diversity

Help your child to become a person who accepts and appreciates differences in others.

Construction Site Apps for Kids

For kids who are fascinated by construction sites, here's a list of top-rated apps that let kids build!

Top Dog Apps for Kids

For dog-loving kids, here's a list of great app featuring canines.

Best Simulation Game Apps for Kids

Simulation games are a great way to let kids learn about the world.

Vrooming Vehicles Apps for Kids

Are toy vehicles dominating your playroom? Check out these car apps, truck apps, train apps, and plane apps.

Cool Cat Apps for Kids

For all cat-loving kids, here are the top apps showcasing felines!

Top Nature Apps for Kids

Share the wonder of nature with your kids both digitally and in the real world.

Apps About Kindness

Help your kids to learn about kindness with this set of top-rated apps.

Apps That Celebrate Our Differences

The apps on this list have themes about accepting others who are different.

Top Dinosaur Apps

On this list of cool dinosaur-themed apps, fossil lovers of all ages can learn fascinating facts, hear raucous roars, and play dino games.

Best Kids Games as Apps

Kids love playing games on mobile devices. But finding the ones that are appropriate for kids can be hard. We make it easy -- choose any from this list.

Top Train Apps for Kids

Here's the best apps for train-loving kids!

25 Terrific Back to School Apps for Kids

This recommended list pulls together 25 outstanding educational apps for kids.

Children's Library Apps

How to carry a library of kids' books on your device? With these apps!

Apps to Make Kids Laugh

The apps are this list can help bring out a smile, laugh, or giggle in your kids.

Fantastic Fairy Tale Apps

The app stores are overflowing with fairy tale apps. The book apps on this list are special.

Halloween Apps for Kids

Add some silly spookiness to your child’s Halloween with these top-rated Halloween apps.

Apps to Help Alleviate Children's Fears

With these apps about childhood fears, kids can learn to deal with their own anxieties.

10 Top Preschool Apps

From jiggling jelly to wriggling digits, the best preschool apps are full of irresistible charm and whimsy.

TV-based Apps for Kids

Here are the best TV-based apps showcasing your children's favorite characters.