Tech with Kids' Best Picks Lists

The following recommended lists compile the Best of the Best.

In hopes of bubbling up the top tech products reviewed on this site, we have created recommended lists on a variety of topics. By combining similar products on the same topic or ones appropriate for the same age into a list, we hope to provide you more guidance on how to use tech with kids. We rate products on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical. We give Best Picks Awards to those products that rate at least 4 stars and represent the best products for kids on a specific topic. With the Best Picks Lists, we are even more selective, showcasing only the top tech picks on this site.

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Apps About Kindness

Help your kids to learn about kindness with this set of top-rated apps.

Apps That Celebrate Our Differences

The apps on this list have themes about accepting others who are different.

Kids Apps Showing Diversity

Help your child to become a person who accepts and celebrates differences in others.

Top Dinosaur Apps

On this list of cool dinosaur-themed apps, fossil lovers of all ages can learn fascinating facts, hear raucous roars, and play dino games.

Book Apps for Older Kids

Looking for exciting book apps for your older reader? This rec list is full of great digital reading for kids ages 7-14.

Fun Christmas & Holiday Apps for Kids

Deck your devices with holiday cheer with these Christmas and Hanukkah apps.

Best Simulation Game Apps for Kids

Simulation games are a great way to let kids learn about the world.

App Romps with Monsters, Beasts, and Witches

Have some fun with "things that go bump in the night"!

Best Kids Apps of 2016

Here are the 25 top apps for kids of 2016!

Best Kids Games as Apps

Kids love playing games on mobile devices. But finding the ones that are appropriate for kids can be hard. We make it easy -- choose any from this list.

10 Best First Grade Apps

Here's how to load your device with enticing apps that are just right for your 1st grader!

Fun Word Apps for Kids

Learning new words becomes fun when they are presented within these apps.

Eco Science Games

This list of science games includes both eco apps and "green" websites.

Girl Power in Apps

No damsels in distress here! The following apps present positive female role models for both girls and boys.

Great Puzzle Game Apps

With the right puzzle apps, kids can turn their puzzling prowess into smarts-building success.

Creativity Apps to Inspire Kids

Unleash your child's creativity and imagination with these inspiring apps.

Super City Building Games

Do your kids love building in Minecraft or constructing with LEGOs? If so, they will also enjoy this list of town building apps.

Best Apps for Toddlers

If you are thinking about introducing your toddler to a smartphone or tablet, download these apps first.

Pretend Doctoring Apps for Kids

Say "Ahhh!" Kids get to play doctor with these apps.

Best Multiplayer Apps for Kids

These apps allow kids to create shared experiences over playing apps.