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The following kids app reviews represent some of the best kids apps found in iTunes and the Android marketplaces. We cull the app marketplaces, talk with kids app developers, pay attention to the app buzz, and download and play 1000s of children's apps every year. We don’t spend much time writing about kids apps that we don’t think are worth your child’s time, thus most kids apps reviewed on this site get a rating of 3 stars or higher. That said, not all of these apps have earned our "Best Picks" award. We add new kids app reviews every week, so check back with us frequently.

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A book app that looks like a movie and is filled with games!
This app creates a fun parent-child interaction because it asks the parent to take photos of the child doing active things.
A charming series of water-physics puzzles starring Swampy, an alligator who just likes to be clean.
This app's special appeal is that it teaches kids about emotions.
Vividly realistic bugs and brightly colored buttons make playing 18 math games fun.
Fascinating puzzles where you solve them by writing new items into existence.
Kids learn to recognize the art work of Picasso, Rembrandt, Courbet and others by playing inside their paintings!
Spectacular images will draw kids into investigating science through this free app.
Based on the successful learn-to-read series of book, this interactive version continues the magic.
A delightful version of the classic fairy tale, but with no violence, hilarious dialog, and outstanding animations.
This extraordinary story about how everyone matters is told with spectacular visuals and remarkable interactions!
With this app, kids can do magic with the swish and flick of the hand, just like Harry Potter.
Grab your wand to become Harry Potter and relive the big events of the first 4 J.K. Rowlings books, infused with a little tongue-in-cheek humor.
Kids play with the characters from Cars 2 while also reading the movie's story.
This highly engaging learning adventure features a friendly alien and his robotic sidekick. As they learn about Africa, so does your child.
Kids will "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy" as they go scuba diving with The Friz.
The classic tactile book gets a digital makeover that is special.
Combining a famous children's song with teaching body parts, this app can be explored in 4 languages.
Part book and part game, kids solve a mystery set on a Ranch in the West.
Grover tries to stop kids from turning the pages of this book app in this hilarious story about overcoming your fears.