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The following kids app reviews represent some of the best kids apps found in iTunes and the Android marketplaces. We cull the app marketplaces, talk with kids app developers, pay attention to the app buzz, and download and play 1000s of children's apps every year. We don’t spend much time writing about kids apps that we don’t think are worth your child’s time, thus most kids apps reviewed on this site get a rating of 3 stars or higher. That said, not all of these apps have earned our "Best Picks" award. We add new kids app reviews every week, so check back with us frequently.

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Toddlers learn about compassion by soothing 21 distressed monsters by simply touching them. This app is special because it takes photos of your child as they empathize with the monsters.
A highly interactive story about a witch who has forgotten her name.
Block-thwacking fun as kids strategically throw balls at the rectangular monsters to knock them off of floating platforms.
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis's narrates her charming book about the adventure of an escaped balloon. The delightful rhyming story is accompanied by creative interactivity.
Who knew that packing grocery bags could be a blast? Well it can be, especially when the groceries are alive and have distinct personalities.
This social game for up to four players combines elements of shuffleboard and knock-hockey to create a fun game about sliding your OLOs (colored discs) into your target zone.
Who wants family bragging rights for having the best memory? Play this game to find out.
This collection of over 300 levels presents the player with a mass of seemingly unconnected dots and lines to rotate until you start to see order out of the chaos.
This delightful set of puzzles involves placing adorable little creatures on honeycomb like grids so that they are all holding hands.
Cool 3D images of 60 dinosaurs with names spoken; but otherwise this dino app is a bare bones flashcard experience.
A wonderfully interactive adaptation of Joanna Cole's book, this app is jam-packed with dino facts.
Kids use logic to dig through a grid of dirt to find buried dinosaur bones.
Meet Scar, an Edmontosaurus, and Patch, a juvenile Troodon, in a 65-page book app that tells the story of their survival over the first year of their lives.
This reference app houses information about 36 dinosaurs.
Stunning 3D dinosaur encyclopedia showing 60 photorealistic dinosaurs.
Fluttery wings, dark nights, and lots of fascinating facts fill this highly recommended science book app.
A fast-paced whack-a-mole game with an eco message built in.
This creative drawing program encourages kids to become animators and narrators of their own stories.
63 puzzles of lizard-swinging fun as you direct Munch to eat bugs and flowers.