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The following kids app reviews represent some of the best kids apps found in iTunes and the Android marketplaces. We cull the app marketplaces, talk with kids app developers, pay attention to the app buzz, and download and play 1000s of children's apps every year. We don’t spend much time writing about kids apps that we don’t think are worth your child’s time, thus most kids apps reviewed on this site get a rating of 3 stars or higher. That said, not all of these apps have earned our "Best Picks" award. We add new kids app reviews every week, so check back with us frequently.

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Ecology app for young kids that has kids removing garbage from the oceans, learning about oil spills, and designing their own sea creature.
Sequel to the popular Plants vs. Zombies app retains the fun fighting plants and the wacky zombies, but it loses some of its magic by going to the free-to-play model where it makes money by enticing players to pay for power-ups.
A library app with over 200 books and fun categories for sorting and finding new books.
A tool for crafting 3D paper projects in the real world.
By playing virtual dress up games on a tablet, kids earn printables to play with away from the device.
This cute story about a family who drives the vehicles found in amusement park rides lets kids explore all sorts of wacky rides!
These puzzles are about spinning virtual hoops around your finger. Players match certain speeds, and when they do, they create music.
Kids wave their hands in front of the iPad to conduct music that they have painted on the screen.
Kids create scenes using special animated stickers that move and interact with the setting in which they are placed.
Rube Goldberg-like puzzles where kids drag gadgets and parts into a play space to create wacky inventions, including one that showers a bird.
Insightful book app that reveals how people have unique traits that make them different.
Three goofy animals are waiting for your kids to drag objects to them for approval or disdain. This is a hilarious way to teach children about emotions.
Second in a series of graphic novels for kids, this book app explores friendships and some of the issues that can come up, including eating disorders, disputes, being used, and other important topics.
Filled with bells and whistles only possible in an app, kids experience this classic story about Charlie Brown leading his gang of unsupportive underdogs in a baseball game.
A highly interactive book app that follows Ruff the dog through 12 different scene as he chases his wayward bone.
Sandra Boynton's board book comes alive as an app. Kids help the silly animals dance and party to fun banjo music.
By combining an alien-themed game with the drilling of facts about the 44 presidents of the United States, this ingenious app makes learning history wacky fun.
An engaging geography app has kids driving over the 50 states.
Solve water physics puzzles featuring Mickey Mouse and the gang.
Kids use a set of robots programmed to do specific building tasks to construct digital worlds in which to play, create stories, and produce art.