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The following kids app reviews represent some of the best kids apps found in iTunes and the Android marketplaces. We cull the app marketplaces, talk with kids app developers, pay attention to the app buzz, and download and play 1000s of children's apps every year. We don’t spend much time writing about kids apps that we don’t think are worth your child’s time, thus most kids apps reviewed on this site get a rating of 3 stars or higher. That said, not all of these apps have earned our "Best Picks" award. We add new kids app reviews every week, so check back with us frequently.

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Kids join Arthur and his friends to play 4 fun mini-games that encourage fast-thinking, time management, sorting skills, and rhythm.
Little robot Bobo teaches kids all about light as they play within the book app's hands-on science museum.
POW! WHAM! BANG! Kids use their superpower of doing math to defeat comic bad guys.
Now your toddler can have play dates anytime or anywhere! Visit five giggly, silly friends to have snacks, blow up balloons, and even build a birdhouse together.
Become a geometry genius by solving intriguing puzzles where different shapes become characters.
Why should the big name authors have all the fun? Get creative and communal making your own ebooks and sharing them with family and friends.
Kids learn dinosaur facts and simulate the processes of digging up dinosaur bones in this polished adventure game.
Gumshoes set sail on a wacky ship to help solve mysteries and puzzles in this tap-to-explore adventure game that features great cartoon animation.
No-fail endless runner game set inside a young boy's dream where players direct the little boy to run and frolic with his dragon-like magical friend.
When kids start to draw on a flower's petal, the remaining petals also fill with paint to create a kaleidoscope effect that is magical to watch and exciting to use.
This competitive drawing app makes it fun for two players to explore art together.
If you were a runaway slave in 1852, what choices would you make? Will your journey lead you to Harriet Tubman and the abolitionists, or into the hands of a fugitive slave catcher? There's only one way to find out...
This unique story about inventors Alph and Betty weaves together aspects of reading a book, playing a game, and watching a cartoon. It's magical.
Increase your child's vocabulary with these mixed-up word find puzzles. Endless combinations give kids a fun way to practice spelling and vocabulary.
This amazing free app lets kids turn anything they can photograph into a puppet.
Removing little colored dots from a grid is surprisingly satisfying in this well-done puzzler.
Your creative scribbles solve 60 artful and fascinating puzzles about collecting colorful dots while avoiding black ones. Whatever pattern you draw repeats across the screen in an intriguing manner.
Fasten your seat belt, rev up your brain cells, and travel the USA with Pep the Car to learn geography.
This clever food-themed educational trivia game sorts its questions into grade levels as well as by subject matter.