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A rich playset of digital characters and settings for kids to use in making their own stories.
A set of puzzles about flinging objects but with a unique twist: the player gets to draw the objects to be flung.
This app puts vocabulary practice inside of nine diverse, engaging games.
With lovable hero cars and puzzles filled with wacky contraptions, this app both entertains and challenges kids to think.
Plastic Bottle Scrooge, who notices that Earth Day is coming, responds with "Bah. The environment. Humbug." So starts this charming environmental romp based on the Dickens' classic.
Maggie's Earth Adventures presents six free cartoon adventures that teach environmental issues by showing them in the context of a story.
Puzzle adventure starring Luigi, set inside a haunted house that is filled with environmental puzzles.
Excellent LEGO adventure where you play as an undercover cop saving the city from thugs.
In this fun simulation game, kids open their own dinosaur zoo and operate it to earn money.
Players join Ansel, an adorable alien photographer from the planet of Virtoos, and his side-kick robot Clair to travel back in time to when Jurassic dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Dino-loving kids can travel back in time to see 8 dinos from the Triassic era.
This exciting tech toy lets girls become engineers as they read a storybook which asks them to build things using the toys components packaged with the book.
With the tech toy Roominate, little girls build the stages for the stories they want to tell.
Set of memory games that unlock slowly over time. They are hard, so get ready for some failure.
Girls learn the fashion business by working in a boutique and honing their fashion sense by helping customers. The game unlocks slowly over time and fashionistas will have access to over 12,000 items.
Electrifying mystery set in the world of the Tessla laboratory. Nicely combines science and sleuthing.
This interactive virtual space also offers you video chat, so that you can draw, collaborate, and talk with others online as you create things together.
Engineering becomes fun with this zany, hands-on building kit in which players build Rube Goldberg-like machines.
Physics-based puzzler about using water (liquid, ice, and steam)to solve puzzles involving Perry from the TV show Phineas and Ferb.
In a clever mashup, the famous Angry Birds have now morphed into the good guys from Star Wars, and the bad pigs are now Darth Vader and the evil pigtroopers.