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Kids join Ms. Frizzle's class to go on an adventure under the sea. By exploring six different locations in the ocean, kids are exposed to and play with all kinds of underwater creatures.
Fast-paced action game where kids explore 6 Disney worlds.
A hilarious adventures with the crazy penguins from the movie and TV show.
This extraordinary story about how everyone matters is told with spectacular visuals and remarkable interactions!
This action game is full of platform puzzles set in the world of the Spy Kids 4 movie.
A MMO where kids learn kindness, good behavior, and how to deal with bullies as the jet-set around the globe.
Kids explore 8 activities with Lightning McQueen and Mater, including racing and math.
Kids play with the characters from Cars 2 while also reading the movie's story.
Kids become amusement park designers in the simulation game for the Nintendo DS.
Kids will "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy" as they go scuba diving with The Friz.
A learning adventure with 8 games that doesn't use the Wii's controls well.
Kids become Indiana Jones-type explorers who are seeking hidden treasures in exotic places while using physical moves to game.
Kids enter SpongeBob's world to play 100 fast-paced minigames and use the uDraw GameTablet in fun and interesting ways.
Part book and part game, kids solve a mystery set on a Ranch in the West.
A madcap story about how a bookmobile librarian accidentally arrives at the zoo and decides to lend the animals books.