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This construction site app involves wrecking balls, big trucks, and the satisfaction of building a house from the ground up!
Run your own toy store, filled with toys you have created.
Kids use real Play-Doh to create characters and scenery to scan into the app to build their magical worlds.
Kids create their own digital theater productions based on six popular fairy tales.
A subscription video-streaming service of thousands of handpicked videos that focus on play and creativity.
Kids learn about the science of the Earth in an interactive sandbox.
Relive the Finding Dory film by controlling Dory in a series of underwater mazes.
Kids zoom into outer space on missions to learn about the solar system.
Kids become galactic explorers by pointing their devices at the night sky.
Can a little turtle safely cross a road to get to a clean lake?
Magical book app brings kids up close to frogs.
Puzzles that use counting by multiples to rescue cute characters.
A version of the Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer story based on a 1964 TV special that is filled with adventure.
Kids frolic with fish and animals that live in kelp forests.
Learning food facts becomes fun as kids explore this nutritional guide with interactive graphics and activities.
A clever thief sneaks into situations rife with negative emotions and steals the prefix "un" off of words to make things more positive.
Zoinks! Scooby-Doo wants to romp with you in this virtual pet sim filled with mysteries!