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If you can feel the beat and your reflexes are quick, this game is a lot of fun to explore. It has a convoluted mystery, and lots for rhythmic mini-games.
Who knew that packing grocery bags could be a blast? Well it can be, especially when the groceries are alive and have distinct personalities.
An action/adventure game based on the movie Brave that squanders the opportunity to create a terrific video game with a strong female lead. Instead, the game plays like a typical combat adventure game created for young boys, where the lead character just happens to be wearing a dress.
Join Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe as they go undercover in a traveling circus.
Players challenge the Mushroom Kingdom gang to ball-slamming competition in either singles or doubles across a wide range of courts.
This collection of over 300 levels presents the player with a mass of seemingly unconnected dots and lines to rotate until you start to see order out of the chaos.
This award-winning puzzle game combines light and music in a magical way.
This delightful set of puzzles involves placing adorable little creatures on honeycomb like grids so that they are all holding hands.
You step into Nancy's shoes and play the game from her perspective in this click-and-find adventure set in a tomb in Egypt. Kids will experience what it is like to be on archaeological dig.
Intriguing Indie-game set inside of an old tree. Five little tree creatures go on a journey to save their home tree's last seed from being destroyed by evil parasites.
A nature quest game where teens search wildlife areas to find and identify animals in a series of hidden object puzzles and then build and design their own Game Preserve.
Kids use logic to dig through a grid of dirt to find buried dinosaur bones.
Meet Scar, an Edmontosaurus, and Patch, a juvenile Troodon, in a 65-page book app that tells the story of their survival over the first year of their lives.
This reference app houses information about 36 dinosaurs.
Stunning 3D dinosaur encyclopedia showing 60 photorealistic dinosaurs.
Fluttery wings, dark nights, and lots of fascinating facts fill this highly recommended science book app.
A fast-paced whack-a-mole game with an eco message built in.
Nintendo DS game featuring Pinkalicious. It is based on a book of the same name in which Pinkalicious loses a tooth -- her sweet tooth!
A series of mini-games played with characters from 5 different Disney/Pixar movies all involve lots of physical movement as kids jump, lean, and throw.