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The third in a series of innovative puzzle games featuring Max, a boy with a magic notebook, this adventure game contains a series of puzzles that kids solve by writing in words of objects they need to solve the puzzles.
A compilation of hilarious mini-games for families or groups to explore on the Wii U.
This amazingly realistic soccer simulation is available on eight different platforms, and it makes taking control of the ball on the pitch easy.
A new way to experience a Harry Potter adventure by interacting with a magical book controller.
This mystery adventure is filled with brainteasers and conundrums. To get clues and information needed to solve the mystery, kids must explore a town, talk to its citizens and solve the townsfolk's puzzles.
An adventure romp with giants and superheroes that uses real toys placed on a portal as the means to introduce new characters into the game.
You become Harry Potter by playing this game using the Kinect controller.
Fab tower defense game where kids fend off the undead by planting hilarious zombie-killing plants.
Splat! An ink spot jiggles, hoping your creativity will turn it into a world-class monster.
This clever art app combines art appreciation with creating artwork.
Kids will learn about bears, mountain lions, wolverines, owls, and more as they interact with episodes from "America the Wild!"
Adventure game set in the world of the Finding Nemo movie. It houses mini-games played with the characters from the movie.
If you are looking for some good, wholesome platform-puzzling, filled with Mario-type comic mischief, pick up one or maybe two copies of New Super Mario Bros. 2. It is great fun to play with a friend.
An ingenious set of 200 puzzles where kids think they are just playing but then they discover that they are learning algebra.
This app hooks kids by giving them a pile of words displayed all helter-skelter on the screen -- in other words as a "mess" -- and then tasks them to find words that fit a specific rule.
A highly interactive story about a witch who has forgotten her name.
Block-thwacking fun as kids strategically throw balls at the rectangular monsters to knock them off of floating platforms.
A portal to some of the best free educational games, activities, simulations, and videos on the web for kids.
Presenting a "Wonder of the Day," this site offers something new each day for kids and families to think about, view and imagine. Its purpose it to tap into kids' curiosity.